Alice’s Windermere Challenge 7 July 2012

‘Knowing Lars for 15 years I was surrounded by her zest for life, adventurous spirit & inability to let anything stand in her way.  With this in mind, I decided to not only donate money for this amazing project to remember Lars, but to do something she would be super proud of me for as I, unlike Lara, have a tendency to be “scared” of potentially anything!!!

I have decided to swim across Lake Windermere & then run back round to my starting point.  Personal Trainer or not, getting in to a cold pool or swimming in the sea, with potential creatures or plants lurking beneath, scares me……so this will be a challenge.  So……all donations will be gratefully received.  Lets keep raising as much as we can to fulfil our beautiful girl’s dream.  Lots of Love, Alice’

Alice will  swim (1 mile) and then running back along the road ( 8.5 miles) to the start point. Alice will be getting into the water at Rayrigg Meadow,  LA23 1BP, at around 10.15 am and will swim across to Red Nab near Low Wray, LA22 OJA.

CONGRATULATIONS ALICE on completing your swim and run in record time and in raising  over £5,000 every penny of which is going to Lara’s Foundation. Thank you to all who undertook the challenge in support of  Alice; Mary, Seb, Ben and Ed and to everyone who helped out especially Trish and Mike,  Sal and Caz,  and to all of you who donated so generously.