Nairobi, Kenya

Early Childhood Development Centre, Dandora Dumpsite


OUR 2016 and 2018 PROJECT

Location: Dandora Dumpsite, Nairobi , Kenya

Project costs for 2016:  £19851

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Overview:  In 2015 we received a request from George Onyango from the DADREG organisation:

Dandora Dumpsite Rehabilitation Group (DADREG), a community development organisation is seeking support to enable us set up a child friendly centre for children of between the ages 2-6 years rehabilitated from scavenging in the dumpsite.Dandora dumpsite, the largest in Eastern and Central Africa, employing 10,000 people.  55% of those working their are women and children. Majority of these children are forced to work to supplement family income, while others are orphans, forced to work to provide for their families. These children have been prone to deaths and injuries sustained from the dumpsite. Infections, particularly of the respiratory tract, are a common cause of death. At least 25% of the workers had fresh injuries as a result of accidents from scrap metals and toxic waste. The African Network for the Protection and Prevention of children Against Child Abuse and Neglect, ANPCAAN, reports at least 53% of the children and youth at the dumpsite have respiratory tract infections, coughs and asthma.
More than half of children around the dumpsite have blood lead level above 10 micrograms per deciliter of blood, indicating exposure to high levels of lead (UNEP 2007).


The aim of the organisation is to rehabilitate women and children working in the dumpsite and provide them with sustainable livelihood through education, skills and capital enabling them to escape from the poverty. DADREG believes that if poverty is to be reduced among the vulnerable communities, they will need to get education and gain skills and capital made available to them. DADREG understands that without skills, people and especially women will continue going to the dumpsite because they could not compete with others who have finished their education and trainings and have access to capital.

Proposal from DADREG

“We are requesting funding to set up an ECD Centre for children between 2-6 years of age. These children accompany their mothers to work in the dumpsite. The effect of toxic waste in the dumpsite has been affecting their health. DADREG runs training sessions for those mothers working in the dumpsite. The rooms are too small to accommodate the mothers and their children. We hope that the ECD Centre will provide space for the children to stay and get an education and play whilst their parents are training.DADREG has a piece of land within the area we work, measuring 0.12 hectare. It is a big piece of land where we intend to have the ECD and a Vocational Training Centre for women and girls who work in the dumpsite so that whilst they are busy training, their children are being taken care of.


The construction faced many challenges which delayed the build and incurred unexpected expense. Here is an extract from DADREG Progress Report.

Challenges DADREG has faced in constructing ECD

Dredging the construction site:
We never thought that setting up a foundation was going to involve dredging the whole site. It took 20 tones Lorries to go 29 trips to clear the wastes. It also took 20 tone Lorries to go 30 trips to bring in hard core to fill in the dredged site where waste soils were removed. The excavation costs, transportation, refilling and foundation setting were very high as they were never part of the budget that we presented. Thus it eats in our budget line.










Construction Permits:
It took DADREG four months to receive the construction permit. This really took alot of time to settle and start the construction work.

Drought has been a major hindrance in completing the project on time. Since October 2016, Kenya has experienced long dry spell. Even the short rain that came in April 2017 was not enough as taps still remain dry. This means that we had to stop the construction work at some point and even when the short rain came, it was not enough. This forced DADREG to buy water in order to continue with the construction work as we could not wait forever for rain that has not shown signs of raining soon to come.











As a result of these challenges, further funding is necessary. We are hoping to provide funding so that the building of ECD can be completed.

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