Arusha, Tanzania

Funding return to education of street girls, with Pippi House

pippi house

Our 2015 Project

Location:  Arusha, Tanzania

Project Costs: £20,000

Overview: Early in 2014 we were contacted by a young woman, Lucy , who had seen our website and was amazed by the coincidences. She had studied linguistics at UCL , just as Lara had, and had gone on to complete a DELTA course , as Lara had. She had then become involved with a charity in Arusha which sought to bring education to the street girls of Arusha.

Pippi House is a small charity established by a local pastor and manned entirely by volunteers. It takes girls who are living in dangerous and dire situations on the streets of Arusha. It offers the girls a safe home but crucially, the opportunity to return to education.

Lara’s Foundation were happy to provide the funding for all the educational requirements of all the girls for one year.  This includes all school fees, uniform, exam fees, transportation and the cost of a carer to look after the babies whilst their mothers are at school.

This is an extract from a letter from Pippi House.

‘Right now, Pippi House is home to 33 girls and 7 children. 20 of the girls and three of the children are in school. There are two girls who have just finished hotel management school as well as practicum work at a local hotel. They are looking for work. The other girls not in school have just come to the program, have new babies or are not ready to go back to school because of fear. They will be ready in January when a new year starts. Thanks to Lara’s Foundation, all the girls and 4 of the children old enough for pre-school will be able to go to school. Almost all of the girls were on the streets because they were escaping from bad situations or had no place to go’