Didia, Tanzania



Our 2014 Project 

Location: Didia, Tanzania

Project Cost: £28,875

Overview: This is our second Early Childhood Development Centre developed in partnership with Raleigh International and Save the Children, and funded entirely by Lara’s Foundation. The ECD opened in April 2016 and is fully operational, providing a safe learning and support environment for local children.

The centre is a critical entry point for reaching the needs of children 0-6 years of age, who may not be captured in traditional school-based interventions. It provides children with important skills such as basic education (reading and writing), language skills and social development, allowing them to integrate socially with peers and to learn through play and discovery. Early introduction to languages is important, as it provides the foundation for continued learning at primary school. Improved literacy will facilitate access to, and preclude marginalisation at primary school, and promote completion of education. The centre also serves as an entry point to address other needs of children, such as healthcare, food and nutritional support and psychosocial support.

The ECD provides the following facilities:

  • One standard classroom
  • Teachers’ office
  • Kitchen
  • Toilet with 4 holes (2 for girls and 2 for boys, plus urinals)
  • Perimeter fence to meet Save the Children child protection policy requirements

A Report on the ecd by raleigh international.

The generous support of Lara’s Foundation in 2013 made the construction of an Early Childhood Development Centre in Ndala possible. This has had a huge positive impact on the community, increasing access to early-years education and improving literacy for some of the most marginalised children in the Shinyanga region. The community are incredibly grateful for this support and recognise that the centre is providing better futures for their children through education.

A full background report can be found here.


UPDATE APRIL 2016 – the opening ceremony

In April 2016 Lara’s Mum, Carolyn , visited the Didia ECD centre to attend the opening ceremony and dedicated the centre with these words:

“Lara’s Foundation is proud and happy to have played a part in the provision of this beautiful ECD.Well done to all the volunteers who have worked so hard to ensure it was completed on time. In 2014, in our first joint venture with Raleigh international and the Shinyanga Branch of Save the children we were able to provide an ECD for the children of Ndala. Last time I saw these children they were being taught outside in the dust of a partially constructed market place.  It was so rewarding to see them yesterday in the safe , secure and comfortable environment of the ECD . It was especially reassuring to see the same dedicated and committed teachers there  who were there 2 years ago and probably long before. They really do deserve our respect and thanks.

Lara’s Foundation is so pleased that we were able to continue our partnership with Raleigh and Save  the Children by providing the funding for this ECD here in Didia. We hope that it will provide the necessary educational foundation to the children of Didia to enable them to progress to further education without disadvantage. Our funding of this Centre has been made possible by the outstanding fundraising efforts of Lara’s family and friends who have run marathons, completed triathlons, cycled coast to coast, swum lakes, hurled themselves over assault courses …all to raise funds for Lara and her foundation.  We owe our commitment to continue our efforts, to Lara.  She is our eternal source of energy and inspiration.  She is the reason we funded this Centre.  As her mother, I am certain that she will be so happy that , because of the way she chose to  conduct her life , she is remembered with so much love and loyalty by so many , whose efforts, in her name , make it possible for us to continue to provide this funding.  I hope this ECD will be a happy place where the children can learn and grow in a safe , secure and loving environment.”


Impact Report from Raleigh International

  • With support from Lara’s Foundation, the Early Childhood Development Centre has been a great success.
  • There has been excellent attendance, with over 200 children reached between the ages of 3-6.
  • The local primary school and ECD Centre have developed a close and supporting relationship, and the ECD committee are active, present and run the centre well alongside three trained teachers.
  • The community of Didia have a positive perception of the ECD Centre, and realise its relevance to the development of the community.
  • The support of the community, primary school and teachers, means that the Didia ECD Centre looks to have a bright future and should continue to thrive.

The full report can be accessed here