Our Work

2013: Ndala, Tanzania


We funded the build of an Early Childhood Development Centre in Ndala, Tanzania.

A short film about Ndala


2014: Arusha, Tanzania

pippi house

We provided Sponsorship for the educational needs of 33 young women at Pippi House in Arusha, Tanzania


2015: Didia, Tanzania


We funded the build of an Early Childhood Development Centre in Didia, Tanzania.  

Watch a film of the final build and opening ceremony


2016: Nairobi, Kenya- Dandora Dump Site 


We provided funds for the commencement of the  construction of an Early Childhood Development Centre on the fringes of the Dandora Dumpsite, a suburb of Nairobi Kenya.


2017: Tamil Nadu, India

8. Group of +2 students supported

We funded the continuing education of women and girls in Tamil Nadu via the Gramodhaya Social Service Society.



2018: Tamil Nadu, India


Wecontinued to support the girls and woman of in Tamil Nadu to enable them to complete their education to University and College Level


2018 Nairobi, Kenya. Dandora Dump Site 

We continued to support the building of and Early Childhood Centre on the Dandora Dumpsite.


2019 Tamil Nadu, India. Gramodhaya Social Service Society.

We continue to support the women of Tirunelveli to complete their education and secure employment.


2020 Tamil Nadu, India . Gramodhaya Social Service Society.

Funding to provide the basic needs of the 318 villagers of Tirunelveli which includes the women and their families supported through education in the previous years.