Graham’s Brazilian Paragliding Challenge – 9 January, 2015

On the 9th January I arrived in Rio De Janeiro , then traveled 10 hours by coach north to Govenador Valadares. The following morning we drove up to the launch area 3700 feet high at the summi17098057_1532290990115100_2547475720126997733_ot of Pico da Ibituruna.

My Lara’s Foundation challenge was to fly from this mountain cross country to a distance that was twice my previous best flight. My task was to gain height at the launch and by strategic use of thermic air fly down wind to my target of 50k.
The launch and the early part of the flight were perfect, flying to 7500 feet and whilst flying amongst the clouds it gave me a beautiful view of the town and river below. The rest of the flight followed on from the good start and just over 3 hours later I landed at a distance of 66k away from where I launched.
There were big celebrations when it was confirmed I’d beaten my Brazilian paragliding challenge of 50k by flying a total of 66k on the first day!