Graham’s Paragliding Challenge

Otivar to Herradura – Take 2…

Graham was defeated by the elements on his first attempt in Spain to fly the 25 miles from the mountains above Otivar to the cost of Herradura, but he flies out back out to Malaga on Thursday, 25 October.

Equipment safety checks for the trip were completed yesterday, Sunday 21st October, and the flight out on Thursday will see Graham arrive in Otivar at about midday.

The long range weather forecast is currently showing that the mountains above Otivar will have the correct wind direction for the flight to take place on Thursday afternoon.

Graham’s Paragliding Challenge Otivar to the Coast of Herradurra, Spain

As Graham says “Fingers crossed that the cloud base is high enough for me to move on and fly to the coast. I think there’s a good chance of getting involved with the clouds about Otivar. Hopefully I can fly around them and not spend too much time in them! ….. it will make an interesting video though!!”

‘I will be flying from the mountains above the Spanish village of Otivar to the coast of Herradura. I will take off at a height of 4,500 feet and then will need to gain another 2000 feet of height. Once I am at 6,500 feet above sea level I will fly towards various thermal trigger points to gain further height. I will fly over 3 valleys and peaks before finally heading for the coast. My flight will take me over cactus covered land, olive groves and a motorway!
In total I will fly 25 miles which should take around an hour in flying time.

When Lara was travelling in Mexico, she went to see the Valle de Bravo paragliding world championship and she emailed me to tell me how amazing it was. I know Lara will be proud of me as I fly her ‘Lara’s Foundation’ paraglider high above the Spanish mountains and I hope to raise lots of money for her Foundation.’

Please donate and remember, for every £100 donated by UK tax payers, Lara’s Foundation will receive £125.

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