Lara’s Foundation first two scholarships awarded.

We are hugely pleased and proud to announce that Lara’s Foundation are funding two teachers from schools in Simijaca,  Colombia, to come to the UK and study on an intensive 24 week English Language course at EC London. Our scholars will start in January 2013!

Here is a letter from our two students:

Simijaca, Cundinamarca
8 November 2012

Dear Carolyn Jones and all Lara’s friends and family at Lara’s foundation,

After having received the great news about our request for access to the scholarships that your foundationprovides, we want to thank you for your support for the development and progress of the education of ourchildren and youth.
When people like you intersect in our lives it is a reason to give thanks to God and to fight to fulfil the dream of giving the best that is in each of us to enrich this beautiful mission that was entrusted to us, to be teachers, teachers who through your efforts and your brilliant project will have the opportunity to start the process necessary for learning a foreign language, a process to which we are already committed.

The improvement in the teaching of English will improve the quality of education and thus help to bridge gaps and open doors to new generations, sharing significant experiences in the classroom and beyond.Thanks for your interest. Hugs and best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Ana Sanchez Leonor Peña
Ligia Urrego Rodriguez

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