Lara’s Foundation heads to Columbia….

In November 2012 Carolyn, Lara’s mum journeyed  to Columbia to visit Colegio Agustin Parra, in the town of Simijaca, to continue talks with them about their teachers becoming the first to benefit from a Lara’s Foundation scholarship

Upon arrival at Colegio Agustin Parra Carolyn was greeted by the Pink Panther, The Beatles and James Bond as the school wanted to make sure she felt at home and had changed the day of the students’ annual English Day in her honour.

One of the teachers who Carolyn met whilst out in Columbia wrote Lara’s Foundation this lovely message:

Hola Lara’s Foundation
Un abrazo grande de mi parte y me despido no sin antes agradecerles la oportunidad que estan brindando a mi Colegio Agustin Parra, se y lo confirmo : Lara es un angel que desde el cielo esta apoyandolos a ustedes para hacer esta maravillosa obra, felicitaciones y abrazos.

Hello Lara’s Foundation,
A big hug from myself and I say goodbye for now, not without thanking you for the opportunity you are giving our school “Agustin Parra”. I know and I confirm this: Lara is an angel who is supporting you from heaven to do this wonderful work. Congratulations and hugs.




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