Reading Half Marathon…done!

Congratulations to The Wood Family who took to the streets in pouring rain to complete their half marathon challenge on Sunday 17 March.

Lara has been part of the Wood Family for 16 years, starting at age 11 with Gems at Westholme school, Lara moulded well into a ‘Woody’, joining us at family parties, holidays in France, Tenerife and Newquay, living with Jonny in London, partying at Reading festival with Chris, the list goes on…

Lara is a loved member of the family, and in recognition of this fantastic charity in memory of Lara, we are committed to raising money to support her Foundation and to let Lara’s name live on and her dreams come true. It is quite rare for the ‘Wood’ clan to all be in one place at one time, so to run 13 miles together will be a special day, all for Lara.”

Here’s what Gemma had to say about the experience:


‘Our time was 2 hours 15 mins and 59 seconds. We started pretty slowly, with us all soaking wet through and numb to the bone after standing in the pouring rain for an hour before we started! But once we got going we all warmed up nicely and then the tingling burning sensations started in our toes and fingers! Mile 3 we were greeted with water, which we all eagerly swooped out of the hands of the kind supporters standing at the side. But as you can imagine, a litre of water in a soft plastic wrap can only mean one thing…WATER FIGHT!!!!!!! Lots of giggles were had until we got told off!!! There were lots of fab supporters around, loads of stands offering sweets, water, Vaseline (apparently good for the nipple chaffing!) and playing music to help us along the way. ‘

Donations are still pouring in with the Wood’s total now over an amazing £3,000!

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