Annual Windermere Swim/Run – 13 July 2013 – a glorious success!

15 July 2013 was Lara’s 28th Birthday. Lara’s birthday weekend was always a highlight of the social calendar and this year was no exception.

Lara's Foundation WIndermere swimmers are ready to get going!

We’re ready!

On Saturday, 13 July, 12 budding athletes braved the chilly waters of Lake Windermere to swim the 1.5 miles width and then run the 9 miles back around to the starting point.

It was a glorious sunny morning as, at just after 10am (being careful not to run into the ferry..) the wetsuit clad swimmer jumped into the water to begin their swim…guided by the deftly rowed rowing boat and a couple of kayaks.

Lara’s Foundation Windermere swimmers take to the water….

Lara's Foundation swimmers make it to the other side of Windermere

They made it!

Lara's Foundation Windermere runners at the ready!

Who’s for a run?!

Upon arriving at the other side, some of the swimmers whipped off their wet suits and donned their running gear, while those who were taking on the challenge in a team, high fived their running counterparts (rejoicing that they didn’t have to run 9 miles in the sweltering heat..).


The run that followed took the runners around the lake along roads and over bridges – and up and down A LOT of hills.  The midday sun beat down on them -but they kept on running!!!

They were cheered on and kept hydrated along the way by the raft of Lara’s Foundation supporters who came along to support our amazing athletes.

Lara's Foundation Windermere runners get going

Run boys run!

Once they had finished the run, all the Lara’s Foundation athletes (including Ed fresh from completing his Iron Man for Lara’s Foundation – there’s still time to sponsor him here) were greeted by a Jonesy picnic and oodles of Prosecco (and water obviously..) and were presented with special edition Lara’s Foundation medals!

The Lara's Foundation Windermere Challenge athletes

Well done everyone!


The day was so fabulous, and the athletes had such smiles on their faces when they had finished the challenge…..that we have decided to add to the challenge next year!  Watch this space but there is talk of a Lara’s Foundation triathlon!

The day was held to remember and celebrate Lara’s birthday, but also to raise lots of lovely cash for Lara’s Foundation!  And my goodness did we do that!!!!

Thanks to everyone’s hard work and astonishing generosity the current totals, which continue to rise so it’s not too late if you haven’t sponsored yet, are……

Team Jess and Matt – £1430.01  – you can sponsor team Jess and Matt here

Team Vaudin (Jones) – Wood – £2119.01 – you can sponsor team Vaudin – Wood here

Team Jack and Brack – £185 – you can sponsor team Jack and Brack here

Team Alice, Mary, Ben Ed & Seb – £870 – you can sponsor the team here

Soloist Gemma Forbes – £270 – you can sponsor Gemma here

Or to sponsor the team – click here

 Happy Birthday Lars xx

Happy Birthday Lars xxx

Which just leaves us to say THANK YOU to everybody involved in the 2013 Lara’s Foundation Windermere Challenge.  A special thank you to Alice for organising all the swimmers and runners (and ensuring they missed the ferry…), and here’s to next year!!



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