Eddie does Ironman for Lars!

‘I never had the opportunity to meet Lara. Not knowingly at least. It was only last year when I supported Lara’s close friends, Alice, complete the Windermere challenge. I was taken back by the support and passion Lara’s family and friends had in such a personal charity, intent on creating a legacy with same passion Lara had for everything she seemingly did.  It was that passion that fed my curiosity to understand more about the charity. And now I do, I’m here to do my little bit to help make this dream a reality.’

In June 2013 Eddie undertook the Austrian Ironman in Klagenfurt.

The event comprised a leisurely 2.4 mile lake swim at 7am….

Eddie looking slick in his wetsuit

Eddie looking slick in his wetsuit

Followed by a refreshing 112 mile bike ride…

Eddie's on his bike!

Eddie’s on his bike!








…and all rounding off with a MARATHON!

Eddie Smashing the Ironman!

Eddie Smashing the Ironman!

Eddie was aiming for completion in under 13 hours – but smashed it in 11 hours 16 minutes and 13 seconds..

Clearly the weeks and months of 5 am starts 6 days a week in the months leading up to June (ie the lovely British winter time!) and getting the hours of training in before and after work all paid off. Eddie we are SO very proud of you, THANK YOU for this amazing effort and achievement.

You can still donate to Eddie for this ridiculous event by clicking HERE





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