Gemma Wood – 2 Weekends, 2 Half Marathons…… 4 TIRED LEGS (2 of them damaged!!)!!

On October 6th one of Lara’s best friends Gemma Wood undertook the first of 2 half marathons for Lara’s Foundation.

She reported that the first which took place in Blenheim was a glorious sunny day and was going well until disaster struck!


Gemma and daddy Wood


Gemma hurt her leg on mile 7 of 13 – but somehow still battled on to complete the half marathon in an amazing time of 1 hour and 58 minutes – in tears!!

Gemma had some emergency physio on her leg and hoped that she would still be able to complete the second half marathon a week later.



However, all was not lost when Gemma’s friend Alex Dupee sprang into Gemma’s (slightly sweaty) running shoes and completed the second of the half marathons, which took place in Henley.


Alex completed the half marathon in 1 hour and 48 minutes and seem to be jolly pleased with himself!

Alex we look forward to seeing you in the future at another Lara’s Foundation sporting event!

Gemma we hope you’re on the mend and your leg is better soon.

and…Daddy Wood – nice glasses!

Thank you to Gemma, Daddy Wood and to Alex for such great efforts and for all your fabulous fundraising.

You can still donate to the Gemma/Alex team effort HERE